Safety, Health, Environment & Quality Assurance

The following sites achieved a Million hours without LTI:

  • Aveng Engineering Operations - 2 022 212 hours without a LTI at end May 2011 and two years in Dec 2010
  • Aveng Engineering (Company) - 1 083 043 hours without a LTI at end May 2011
  • Projects (Langer Heinrich Uranium) - 1 000 000 man-hours without a LTI on 24 March 2011
  • Optimum – 1 year TLI free – 15 June 2011
  • Erongo – 1 year LTI free – 30 June 2011

Annual disabling injury rate (including your definition) 0.14 for the period 1 July 2010 to 30 June 2011

Table 1

SHEQ           Action
YTD actual
Yearly Target Status
Aveng Engineering to maintain OHSAS 18001 certification Aveng Engineering external surveillance audits during July and December 2011 Aveng Engineering to maintain OHSAS 18001 OHSAS 18001 surveillance audit performed during July and December 2011
Behavior Based Safety system to be implemented Started roll-out with Operational sites. All employees to be trained – 15 June On-going
Implement Fatal and Significant Register recommendations Start with implementation January 2011 Completely implemented end 2011 Started with implementation – 30% completed
OPS to implement ISO 9001 and obtain certification Three sites visited and staff trained in ISO 9001 To ensure all OPS sites are fully integrated with ISO 9001. Certification December 2011 35% complete
Engineering to maintain ISO 9001 certification All NCR’s signed off Surveillance audits January & December 2011 ISO 9001 surveillance audit during 2nd week January successfully completed
Business Management System procedures and forms update with the New logo completed 1108 completed Internal Quality Audit to be conducted July/August 2011 Planned

OHSAS 18001 External audits were successfully conducted in Centurion, Kopermyn and Optimum by NQA with no major findings raised.


Procedure and Outstanding Audit Status
As part of cost saving, NQA will take over from DQS the Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008) with effect from December 2011. The application for transfer to NQA was approved by NQA UK (the controlling certification body for NQA South Africa). This will also see the ISO 9001:2008 Certification being extended to the entire Aveng Engineering (i.e. it will include the Aveng Engineering Operations and Construction previously not included.

Internal Quality Audits

All line functions are to be audited during July/August 2011 as part of the Annual Quality Auditing Process.

Procedures and Forms

All procedures and forms were successfully updated with the new branding.

The following HR documents were received for updated and awaiting Maseka to review before uploading on emerge:


Procedures 5
Forms 37
Policies 4

New Procedures reviewed:

  1. 1. Timesheet entry
  2. 2. QTime Manual
  3. 3. MOMA Environment documentation = 12 Completed and sent to site

Commercial: BB-BEE : New policy. Submitted for signature
Quality Policy : Signed

Procedures: Change Management
Project Purchasing : 0 : review and published on emerge

Procedures: New

Leave DIY User Manual : 0 : Signed
Crisis Management : 1 : Under Review


Progress and Status

Improvement in the safety culture is evident by the reduction in all injuries; however, the fact that there are currently very few construction projects may also have an effect. LTFIR is 0.14 year to date.

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