Safety, Health, Enviromental and Quality

Safety Simon

Aveng Engineering motivates and educates it's employees to realise their full potential, within our Divisional goals. We are committed to our employee's development and recognise efforts in every respect. Our employees are imperative to our success and therefore we shall create and maintain a healthy and safe working environment. We promote teamwork, dialogue and an open environment to ensure our employees are part of the creative driving force of our business.

On our Projects ; quality, safety, environment awareness, good governance and legal compliance are paramount priorities. Our Projects shall be maintained in accordance with management systems (based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Mines Heath and Safety Act 29 of 1996 and the Occupational Heath & Safety Act & Regulations 85 OF 1993), aimed at continuously improving all processes and activities, safeguarding the health and safety of our employees, the public at large, and to the environmental integrity of our operating sites.

Safety is largely an attitude of mind. The development of the right attitude is consciously emphasised by management, with the result that it is an inherent component of the activities of all staff. This is consolidated in design activities by specialist safety engineers, skilled in the understanding and application of statutory safety requirements and international recommended practices. As well as being responsible for the design of safety systems, the safety engineers regularly conduct safety audits and participate in hazard and operability studies.

Environmental protection is an emotive subject and Aveng Engineering has considerable experience in projects in very environmentally sensitive parts of the country. As well as being familiar with statutory requirements and the technology of pollution control, the company sees it as its duty to advise clients on an equitable level of environmental safeguards to be incorporated into a design where the hazard is not covered by regulations or client policy.